The Best Way to Clean Your TV Screens

Televisions, monitors, and laptops – we all have them. These electronic devices have become necessary items in almost every household now. The rapidly advancing technology is also leading to newer and newer inventions in screen types. Once there was a time of the classic heavy monitor screen for a TV, now we have LCDs and LEDs. All of these screens fulfilled their purpose but all of them had one problem that owners needed to deal with – their cleaning.

Now, unlike other objects in the house like your table or your lamps, you can’t just blindly dust or clean your electronic screens. These devices are fragile and are vulnerable to damage if you’re too rough with them. Nobody wants to ruin a good, expensive LED screen during their dusting chore!

If you’re struggling to figure out what the best way is to clean these TV screens, read on!

Things You’ll Need:

You’ll obviously need a cloth to help you out in wiping and cleaning the screens. But not just any cloth! Go for a microfiber one ideally but if you don’t have a microfiber cloth lying around the house, you can also substitute it with a soft cloth. Never use a paper towel or tissue papers to clean the screen!

You will also need water (no chemicals!) to spray and dampen your cloth. Do not directly spray on the screen because that could cause serious and permanent damage to it. If you can afford to get distilled water to dampen your cloth, that will be ideal.

What You’ll Need to Do:

Start off by switching off the TV screen so you can have a clear view of where the dust and grime spots are located. Plus, you won’t get distracted this way!

Get your dampened (not wet) microfiber cloth and start rubbing gently on the screen. Don’t apply too much pressure because these screens are fragile and might break if you’re not too careful. Make it a habit to regularly clean the dust and dirt from your electronics at least twice a week!

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December 11, 2017