Cleaning Your Bathroom the Right Way

Your bathroom is probably one of the most difficult rooms of the house to clean after the kitchen of course. But the good news is that unlike bedrooms and the lounge, you don’t really need to clean your bathroom every single day unless you’re too much of a germaphobe.

Schedule your bathroom cleaning

Most homeowners will clean their bathrooms on specific days of the weeks and the number of days for bathroom cleaning totally depends upon the individual requirement. A bathroom that is shared by an entire family will obviously need more frequent cleaning than a bathroom used by just one person.

Using your best judgment, schedule your bathroom cleaning days according to your own requirement. Generally, a shared bathroom would need cleaning at least on every other day while a private one would require twice or thrice a week cleaning.

Tips to Clean the Bathroom


  •        The toilet: Nobody wants to go near the toilet for cleaning but it is something unavoidable for homeowners. You need to clean your toilet thoroughly at least once or twice a week with bleach or other toilet cleaning products. Leaving your toilet dirty even if it is properly flushed and unclogged can still lead to germs and microbes collecting on the seat of the toilet and they can also be airborne and cause hygiene issues for your family.


  •        Vanity: The sink and the vanity need cleaning every alternate day since the water from the sink can cause grime to collect on the pipes and the vanity tiles. This water can also stain your bathroom mirror which could require regular cleaning as well. Removing the clutter, draining the soap water and cleaning any toothpaste marks are things you need to do every day to keep your bathroom spotless.


  •        Bathroom mats: The mats in your bathroom are constantly subjected to dirty feet and water from the shower and the sink. This could eventually cause them to become grimy which could make your bathroom look dirty. Throw bathroom mats in the washer at least once a month to get them back to their original color and condition.

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October 11, 2017