Cleaning Your Bedroom Furniture the Right Way

The bedroom is the most used room of any home and as a result, it is constantly subjected to dirt and dust. The bed in particular can catch a lot of grime after being constantly exposed to your sweat. But the bed isn’t the only thing that needs regular cleaning. Other pieces of bedroom furniture such as your bed side tables, dressing tables, desks and bookshelves all need thorough cleaning.

Start from the bed

Since the bed is the most used piece of furniture, it naturally needs cleaning the most. Your bed linens and pillow covers might seem clean from the outside but if you strip them off to reveal the actual mattress and pillow, you’ll see how dirty they can get. As a rule of thumb, change bed sheets and pillow covers after every two weeks and replace the pillows after every two to three months and the mattress every two to three years. This will help prevent a lot of bed-borne problems like bed bug bites, acne etc.

Dust away the dust

Dusting the furniture should be daily chore with desks and bookshelves cleaned thoroughly using a dusting cloth and a microfiber cloth. If your desks are wooden, you might have to put in a little more effort into the cleaning process.

Wooden tables often catch stubborn spills that are difficult to remove. The best way to remove spills from coffee or oils on your desk is to clean them as soon as you can before they take a permanent stain. Avoid using liquid products on wooden desks as they can erode the wood or paint.

If you happen to have a glass desk, then use water or a glass cleaning liquid to clean the desk. Remember to remove all of the items from the desk before dusting. Clean the items removed with a microfiber cloth before placing them back in their original positions.

Bookshelves are a particular cleaning menace. To properly clean a bookshelf, remove all of the books and dust them before putting them back in. Any dirt or dust that falls on the carpet or tiles on the floor should be vacuumed or swept with a broom accordingly.

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October 13, 2017