How a Dirty Home Can Affect Your Health

The title may seem pretty self-explanatory but how many of us actually believe it? For many people, health only comes into consideration when they’re ill; preventing diseases is not a big priority for many people. Don’t be one of those people and take care of your health prophylactically! No, by that we don’t mean going for everyday checkups to your doctor. The health and cleanliness of your home is where you can start.

Dust is Your Lung’s Biggest Enemy

Those who suffer from asthma or seasonal allergies know what a menace dust and dirt could be to their lungs. Dust can not only worsen the condition in asthmatics but it can also cause cough, sneezing and an overall poor health status of just about anyone in the house. Make sure your living space is dusted and vacuumed on a daily basis to prevent dust from flying about and irritating our lungs and noses.

Diseases Caused by Poor Hygiene

You can’t only get food poisoned by eating a bad burger from a restaurant across the street; you can get an infection from the comfort of your home. If you’re not clean or don’t follow the standard sanitary protocol in your kitchen, you’re bound to welcome unwanted bacteria into your food. These bacteria can cause diseases ranging from a simple stomach ache to severe conditions like gastritis and dysentery. Personal hygiene also comes to play when you’re handling food items in the kitchen.

Pests and Critters

Finally, a messy house can also invite pests like lizards and cockroaches to your home. These pests not only look gross to have around the house but they are also important reservoir of diseases and poor health for humans. If you’re dealing with a pest infestation, act fast and call professional help to get rid of the pests for you!

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December 13, 2017