A few effective house cleaning tips

Today, due to a hectic and modern lifestyle, maintaining a house has become extremely difficult. It is just during the weekend that you get some time to relax and enjoy time with your family. Paying attention to your home and keeping it clean and tidy is yet another task. Right from your living room to your bathroom, it is necessary to keep it clean and hygienic as your health is more important than anything else. An unclean house is not just unpleasant to eyes, but also not good for health.

It is quite common to delay the house cleaning tasks and by the time you notice the mess and clutter all over, it is too late. Here are a few effective house cleaning tips that will help clear the mess and prevent the huge clutter that gets piled up during extended periods of time.

1)Focus one thing at a time: Although you entire house may be in a mess, but nothing would be clean if you try to clean everything at one go. Focus on one particular area of you house. If you are doing your bathroom, make sure you complete the cleaning task and then start organizing your kitchen cabinets. Cleaning takes time, so be patient and clean one by one.

2) Manage time as per you busy lifestyle: Today everyone is short of time and cleaning is the last task that comes up to your mind. Though cleaning being the most crucial task, it is always delayed due lack of time. Thus pre-planning is essential. Take enough time and create a list of things you have to do to clean your home. Get all the essential cleaners and detergents required beforehand so that you don’t have to rush to the stores at the last moment. Clean that particular area of your home that fits in your time. Don’t leave any sort of cleaning task half way as it might add to the mess. Make sure that you have at least a few hours at hand if you are planning deep cleansing of bathroom or living room.

3) Delegate work: If you have a few members in your family, then it is easy to delegate tasks of house cleaning which not only makes the cleaning process quicker but perfect too. If they do not have enough knowledge about cleaning then small tasks like arranging bed or getting and placing things, final arrangements and other simple tasks can help greatly. Elder kids or family members can help you with cleaning process thus saving time and energy as well as making the cleaning process faster.

4) Avoid Procrastination: Do not feel lazy after you have started with the cleaning process. Complete the task and then move to another task. Leaving any work midway increases the workload further.

5) Pay attention to simple cleaning tasks regularly: Do not leave spills and stains unattended for long time as these marks are hard to remove over time. Maintain a regular habit of cleaning, for example, set aside a minimum of 15 to 25 minutes daily to sort out mess and wipe spills and stains if any. This way, the clutter and mess won’t pile up and your house will look clean 24/7/365.       

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October 3, 2017