Getting Rid of Pet Hair from Your House

If you have a cat or a dog at home, you know the frustration of dealing with random pet hairs literally everywhere. From your clothes to your favorite couch, a pet owner’s house is almost never completely clean from pet hair. While we love our fur balls, pet hair really isn’t something any of us looks forward to. And God forbid if they ever get in your mouth!

Getting rid of pet hair for good might seem like an unachievable task but with the right plan of action, you can actually be successful. Here are some expert tips for you to get rid of pet hair from your house for good!

Vacuum Regularly

We know it can be hard to vacuum regularly but if you have a furry pet and a carpeted house, you’ll need to do it do get rid of the pet hairs. Even if your house is not carpeted, the rugs and mats will need vacuuming as well since pet hairs seem to get trapped in their fibers the most. Involve your children in vacuuming as a house chore to get it done more regularly.

Try vacuum cleaners that have multiple detachable handles to clean up pet hairs from tight corners.

Use a Lint Rollers and Sticky Sheets

Cats and dogs love to lounge on our furniture and that’s where they tend to leave their hairs behind. You should try to keep your pets away from sofas and couches but if that’s not possible, use a lint roller or sticky sheets to easily remove the most stubborn of pet hairs from your couch, clothes and other materials. The adhesive surfaces of these items make them ideal to remove any type of hair.

Clean Your Pet Often

Cats aren’t a fan of baths but if you want to keep their hair control problem in check, you’ll need to give them a bath often. If you don’t want to put your pet through the trauma of a bath, then make sure you brush your pet everyday outside your house to remove any excess hair.

Alternatively, you could also hire a professional residential house cleaner in Centreville to get the job done for you in the most effective way!

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November 15, 2017