Here’s How to Clean Your Fridge – WITHOUT Chemicals!

Anyone who has cleaned their fridge before knows what a mammoth task it is. The process of decluttering, removing the ice and warding off the bad smells is a whole day’s job easily. When you’re going to undertake the chore of cleaning a fridge or freezer, make sure you have a lot of time; preferably do it on a weekend. Cleaning the fridge is not a regular, everyday activity and you might need to give it a thorough cleanup only three or four times a year but doing it the right way is important to maintain the health of your fridge and your food.

Instead of wasting money on chemicals to clean your fridge, you can actually make it spotless and smelling fresh without the need of chemical products. No matter how safe these products claim to be, they are, in the end, chemicals and you don’t want them around your food.

Here are a few tips to achieve a clean fridge without the help of chemical cleaning products!

Start by Decluttering

Everyone knows that the first step to cleaning the refrigerator is to remove all the items inside. This will give all the space you need to clean up the interior of your appliance. Place the items you have removed in your freezer for the time being so they don’t get ruined especially in the hot summer season.

Get Rid of Things

Do you still have that pudding you saved to eat later months ago in a dark corner of your fridge? Time to throw it out!

Don’t overcrowd your fridge and leave some space to breathe in it. Get rid of everything that you will probably never use or items that have expired.

The Cleaning Process

Before starting to clean, you should unplug the power to your fridge. However, if there isn’t enough light to work in then you can leave it on – it’s hazard free!

The actual cleaning process begins by wiping all the excess, stagnant water in all of the compartments. If there are crumbs or tiny food pieces inside, use a vacuum cleaner to suck all those up.

The best chemical-free way to make your fridge spotless and smelling fresh is to use white vinegar, baking soda and tea tree oil. The vinegar will help destroy any mold, fungi or grime while the baking soda and tea tree oil will help freshen the smell and air inside.

Putting it all back in

Once you’re satisfied with the cleaning, leave the fridge door open to air dry before placing all of your items back in. Make sure your food is properly covered, wiped and sealed before you put it inside the refrigerator.

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December 12, 2017