Keeping Your Bathroom Vanity Spotless

The vanity of your bathroom takes a generous amount of space. Keeping it clean, spotless and grime-free is important to give a good overall look to your bathroom. It’s pretty common for the bathroom vanity to get dirty. After all, we tend to splash water from the sink tap when we wash our face or do anything else. The water that gets splashed on the vanity or bathroom counter can overtime leave a stubborn spot and result in the formation of grime.

If you want to keep your bathroom vanity spotless and clean, follow some of these key tips!

Keep it Dry

This one’s a no-brainer. If you want to avoid grime and water stains, you need to keep your vanity dry. While this might seem like an impossible task to some people, it’s actually pretty easy! Purchase a small wiper to wipe off all the excess water that falls on your vanity. This should be a wiper dedicated only for your bathroom vanity and not for the floor or any other place!

Water stains that are left unattended for a long time can be difficult to remove and you might have to resort to using chemicals to get rid of them. The best way to avoid this tricky situation is to clean the stains and wipe the water as soon as you can. Every time you turn off the tap, make it a habit to wipe the water from your bathroom vanity into the sink drain.

Don’t overcrowd it

If you want to keep your vanity look clean, you need to make sure it’s not holding too much and has an ample amount of space to shine. Crowding your bathroom vanity with too many bathroom accessories can really bring down the aesthetics of it so you should keep it simple and minimalistic.

Difficult Stains

If you’ve noticed some stains on your vanity that are impossible to take off by simple wiping or rubbing, then you might have to use your handy household chemicals. Vinegar and lemon can do wonders for your bathroom vanity stains and make your vanity look brand new!

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December 14, 2017