Places Prone to Mold Growth in Your Home

Nobody wants mold, fungus or algae growing on their walls but many, if not most, homes are victim to mold growth anyway. Mold grows best in damp, humid conditions where moisture is plenty. These favorable conditions can promote the growth of green in not only the walls of your house but also some rather unexpected places

Mold can completely strip the clean and tidy look of your home and it’s also pretty bad for the health of you and your family. It can exacerbate symptoms of asthma, cause pneumonia, shortness of breath, skin irritations and headaches. Getting rid of mold should be every homeowner’s priority for a cleaner, safer environment in their house.


The kitchen is a place you can expect mold to grow but the walls aren’t the only place you should be looking out for. Inspect for any mold growth signs under the fridge, freezer and around the sink area. Water tends to leak and collect under refrigerators that could go unnoticed and cause mold growth. Sponges used to clean dishes in your sink may also be carelessly left still wet that could encourage mold formation.

Mold also finds its way into your kettle or your coffee maker so make sure to completely air dry these appliances after using them.


It’s not surprising that your basement makes it to this list. The basement is always at a slightly damper environment than the rest of the house which is ideal for mold to grow. Since the basement is infrequently used, you should make sure the place is leak-free after rain. Check around at the walls, the HVAC drain pipe and the water heater.


Your bathroom is undeniably the wettest place of your house and can naturally promote mold growth. Keeping your bathroom mold-free requires constant maintenance and a sharp eye for leaks and water spillage. Unexpected places where mold can grow in the bathroom are shower curtains, behind or at the bottom edge of the toilet and of course, drains.

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November 13, 2017