Schedule Your Kitchen Cleaning the Right Way

When it comes to cleaning, there are some things you need to clean every single day while others might need your attention only once a year. The kitchen is a room that is used in your house every day and naturally produces a lot of mess if not looked after properly. An unclean kitchen is not only frustrating to work in but can harbor pests, germs and give rise to many serious diseases.

Therefore, cleaning your kitchen every single day is necessary. What to clean each day depends upon what is used the most in your kitchen. Generally, the sink and the stove are the main things that need regular maintenance while other areas like the freezer, fridge or even the floor don’t need to be cleaned daily.

For the best results, hire a professional residential cleaning service to help you out with your kitchen mess. But if you’re set on getting work done DIY, check out these tips to schedule your kitchen cleaning the right way!

Daily Cleaning

The sink, stove and countertop are the most used places in the kitchen and need to be cleaned every day. To save time, wipe the sink every time after washing the dishes. Similarly, wipe the counter once you’re done with the cooking. Leaving the mess for later is never a good option because you might be too tired to tend to it properly later. Plus, some food stains can leave permanent marks so you’d want to clean them up as soon as you can!

Weekly Cleaning

The floor, cupboards, cabinets, dish rack and the garbage can need to be clean thoroughly once or twice a week. The floor needs to be mopped with the appropriate cleaning agent and the cabinets, cupboards dusted and arranged. The dish rack can rust and collect grime so make sure to scrub and wash it every week.

Seasonal Cleaning

The refrigerator and freezer need to be cleaned twice or thrice a year if you want to be too careful. Homeowners who don’t clean their appliances every season suffer from a lot of refrigerator and freezer issues particularly leaks and poor cooling function. Other areas that need seasonal cleaning include the stove hood filter and the utensil drawers.

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December 7, 2017