How to Successfully Remove Stains From Pet Accidents

Everyone who owns a pet has been through the struggle of removing and hiding those stubborn stains of accidents. Not only is the smell hard to get rid of but the mark of the stain itself is particularly difficult to remove. On tiled floors, washing and scrubbing with household detergents might just do the trick. But simple water and detergents won’t do much if the stain is on a carpeted area.

Removing pet stains can actually be an emergency cleaning situation because the stain doesn’t only look bad but it can also cause your pet to urinate on the same spot again. Cats, especially, mark their territory and tend to urinate on spots they’ve previously marked before.

Blot it out!

Use towels and tissue paper to blot the liquid until the stain is completely dry. If the stain is large, you could be using a lot of blotting paper and towels.

Make use of enzyme digesters

Enzymes and bacteria digesters are a common item you can get from any good pet store. This item is necessary to effectively get rid of the smell of the urine and to help fade away the stain mark. The digesters work by breaking down the bacteria in the stain and work at a biochemical level to remove the stain.

Seal the area of the stain with a plastic wrap when you apply the digester product and leave it for a few hours for the product to work effectively.

Use Water

Water might not wash away the stain but you still need it to clean the place up in the end. Once the digester solution has removed the stained, mix vinegar into large amounts of water and rinse and scrub the stained area with this solution.

If the stain persists, try reapplying the bacteria digester and repeat the rising. If it still remains, you might have to change the carpet as a last resort. 

The key is if you cannot successfully remove pet stains, you will want to find a professional house cleaner that can help fix the problem.  Here are some tips to consider when looking.  If you are looking for a professional house cleaner in Centreville? Contact 2 Maids & A Bucket today!


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October 9, 2017