Tips to Clear the Mess Around Your House

Is your house a constant victim of clutter that just never seems to get organized? Perhaps you have toddlers around that make a mess all the time or maybe it’s because you’re just cleaning wrong. Either way, getting rid of the mess in your house is important to make it look cleaner and roomier. When you’re about to organize your living space, keep these special tips in mind to declutter the right way!

#1: Sell unused items

A lot of us are compelled to keep old, nostalgic memoirs like the Barbie doll we used to play as a child or empty shoe boxes because we think we might need them in the future but never really do. The number one tip to clear the mess around your home is to get rid of the excess, useless items.

Have a garage sale or donate the items to a foundation. This will help make decluttering your home a lot easier!

#2: Change the landscape

Maybe your room looks too suffocating because the furniture placement just isn’t right. Move the furniture around for a new look and remove any furniture piece that you believe is taking too much unnecessary space in your room. A good home interior is key to making your house look cleaner and clutter-free. Minimalistic interior designing might help you out and give your home a smarter, more aesthetically pleasing look as well.

#3: Store compactly

If you have items that you actually might need in the future (like expensive crockery you reserve for special guests) but don’t have the space to store them in your room, pack them in a bubble wrap and place them storage boxes in your store, basement or attic. This will keep them safe and remove the clutter from your room.

#4: Go lighter

It’s a well-known fact that light colors make your room larger and let the light in better. If you can repaint your dark walls, go for that option; otherwise, stick to light colored curtains, furniture upholstery and other fabric.

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December 8, 2017