Tips to get pet hair off your furniture

If you are a family that has a love for animals, there is always that chance that your furniture gets full of pet hair.   We hear people talking all the time about how difficult it is to get pet hair off of their furniture.

That being said, we decided to give you a handful of suggestions how to do this simply and efficiently.

1) use a lint roller –  undoubtedly you have used a lint roller on your clothing when getting ready for work.    A lint roller actually works wonders on furniture as well. Make sure that the sticky side is facing out and you use it on your furniture.   The only downfall is you will likely use more sticky rollers because your furniture takes up more space than your clothing. Regardless, this is a great solution to get rid of pet hair on your furniture.

2) a rubber broom –  not many people even know that this product exists. You may have used some sort of rubber product or sponge to remove hair at times but the rubber room trumps all others.    The rubber thistles in the broom are great at removing hair from a carpet that even a vacuum cannot do.    Further, because it is a broom you do not need to bend over any risk hurting your back I getting on your hands and knees.

3) the rubber glove –  The late text gloves you might use in your kitchen when doing dishes or washing your pots and pans is perfect for using to remove pet hair from furniture as well.   Because you where the glove it is very easy to reach into areas of your furniture we are here might get embedded where it’s too tight for a broom or a lint brush.

If you use any of the suggestions, you will without a doubt get rid of that nasty pet hair that gets kicked all over your furniture. So the next time you have guests visit you have a fast solution to make your home look neat and tidy.

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November 7, 2017