Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

It won’t be wrong to say that the kitchen needs to be the cleanest room in your house – yes, more than your bathroom or your bedroom! That’s because of one obvious reason: you prepare your food in there. Cooking food in unsanitary conditions is the main cause of countless of bacterial infections and even life-threatening diseases like dysentery and food poisoning.

Keep your family out of harm’s way by keeping your kitchen spotless. If you need professional help to clean up a kitchen, call a trusted residential cleaning service to lend you a hand.

Apart from professional help, you should know how to keep your kitchen crystal clean on an everyday basis as well.

Clean and cook together

The number one rule every good homeowner knows is to clean the mess made alongside the cooking. Leaving the clutter and spillage to clean for after the cooking is done can be a huge mistake. Spills that are left ignored for too long can leave a permanent mark. Plus, once the food is ready, the last thing you want to worry about is cleaning up the mess. This lack of motivation could lead you to cleaning sloppily.

Cleaning and cooking together can save your time and it can help you cook in a better, more organized environment.

Remove Spills Immediately

As mentioned before, food spills that are left unattended too long can be problematic. Not only can the stains become permanent but microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi can grow and thrive in the food that is dropped. To maintain optimum health conditions in your kitchen, clean up any dropped food or spill immediately.

Don’t Leave the Utensils Wet!

Once you’ve rinsed your dishes, you need to let them air dry for a good few hours before packing them away in their respective cabinets. Wet utensils when put into dark, warm cabinets can cause a major pest infestation. If you don’t want a cockroach lurking around your plates and spoons, wait for your dishes to dry or use a dishwasher.

Clean Appliances Frequently

We all assume that refrigerators, dishwashers and ovens don’t really need to be cleaned too often. Sure, they might not need the same frequency of cleaning as the floors, counter and sink of your kitchen does but don’t leave your appliances unattended for too long. Schedule cleaning these appliances at least once a month or once every two months to keep them sanitary and functioning for a long time.

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November 20, 2017