Top Three Ways to Make Your Home Smell Great!

Are you tired of endlessly spraying some air freshener in your rooms after every half an hour? Is the air freshener a must item in your grocery cart every month? Well, stop wasting so much money on these bottles and reserve them for a special occasion. For a daily basis, however, there are other most cost-effective ways to make your home smell great and fresh!

Before you begin to clean the air in your house with these fresh smell hacks, you need to make sure anything that is creating a bad odor in your home is promptly removed. If there is garbage that needs to be disposed of, make sure it is because these tips won’t help you out if there’s a bad-smelling mess in your home.

#1: Scented Candles

Okay, so this hack might be the least cost-effective out of the other two but that’s because you’re getting multiple benefits from it. Scented candles not only look great aesthetically, they make the environment a little more romantic and smell delicious. Choose your favorite scents and purchase some scented candles from the store to make your house smell great.  Plus, they can last for a decent amount of time so you won’t be spending on too much.

Place scented candles near fabric so the fabric can absorb the scent and stay fresh smelling for a long time. Other areas you can put your candles in are the kitchen and of course, the bathroom!

#2: Stove Simmer

The stove simmer is the cheapest and most natural way to make your house smell fresh and amazing. Simply heat water on the stove and add in your favorite scents – citrus, lavender or a herb.

#3: Burners and Diffusers

Oil burners and diffusers are made to permanently make your home smell great. They have a strong scent and contain oils and tea lights that burn to produce this scent. Similarly, a diffuser uses reed sticks to produce a fresh-smelling scent that lasts for a long time.

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December 6, 2017